Nazis in the Garden in 1939

Here’s video of another key event in Fire Answers Fire, the “Free America” German-American Bund rally attended by over 20,000 in Madison Square Garden on Washington’s Birthday in 1939. The rally plays a key role in Chapter 3, “Your True Motives.” This one-minute video also gives you a clear glimpse of Fritz Kuhn, who exists as a key fictional character in later chapters. The man who approaches Kuhn on the stage before being tackled and beaten by both the Nazi brownshirts and NYPD officers was Isidore Greenbaum, a 26-year-old hotel worker. The main organized group protesting outside Madison Square Garden was the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party, but it’s only coincidental that chapter 3 begins with a quote from Trotsky himself.

“A means can be justified only by its end. But the end in its turn needs to be justified.”             –Leon Trotsky, “Their Morals and Ours” (1938)

If you can stand reading any of the speeches delivered by Fritz Kuhn and his fellow Nazis from the stage at Madison Square Garden on February 20, 1939, they’re all available here in this pdf file. Fire Answers Fire will be available everywhere on May 1 and can currently be pre-ordered at Barnes & NobleSmashwords, and at the iTunes store.


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